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I am a researcher and a tech enthusiast from Bangladesh with a potential expertise and enormous interest in Information Technology including Embedded & Software Engineering, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to explore and make innovative applications in the fields of Bioengineering, FinTech and TeleMonitoring.  Excellence, honesty and enthusiasm are my core professional and personal competencies and strengths.

Currently, I am serving as an Associate Researcher in IT at an MNC in its R&D center based in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Previously I made successful collaboration with Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, country’s leading scientific organization where I started off my research and development career on 2 October 2016 as an Undergraduate Intern Research Engineer since the completion of my Bachelor’s from the Independent University Bangladesh (IUB). I designed and developed an Auto-Controlled Vehicular Robot for Information Sensing and Remote Monitoring for the application in nuclear hazardous conditions.  Later I served an R&D industry and also collaborated with two distinct universities. In each of my R&D associations, I achieved international recognition for my performance. My technical contribution was featured in the Annual Report of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission in two consecutive years. Till date, besides Bangladesh, I made R&D collaboration with research scientists and engineers from India, Brazil, USA, and Thailand.

I also possess a successful background in academia as an academic consultant/ tutor to have taught and provided guidelines to school and college level students, ranging from primary to higher secondary of Bangladeshi NCTB, Edexcel, Cambridge, and Indian NCERT curricula which is the official and semi-official curricula of India, Middle East and Europe. By far, I have been providing academic guidelines to more than 350 students since December 2007. With a 13+ years of excellence as a helping hand and true friend of the students, I consider this as one of the most ideal contributions that I ever made towards society. My former students are currently pursuing higher studies in several public and leading private universities across Bangladesh. 


However, born in Khulna and brought up in a diversified environment I have always been taught about the “value of life” that leads me to learn about the importance of mutual respect and dignity beyond all the classes, creeds and colors among the human race, and persuades me to contribute “something” noble for a grater sake of the world. When that “something” can bring in smile in someone else’s face, I feel like I found a profound and long-awaited success that I always cherished, which in turns certainly brings an inner satisfaction.


The motivation that I woke up every morning with lies within my own free spirit, and within my courage to dream to reach the sky, to grow and to excel.

My Biographical Information

Full Name: Navid Bin Ahmed

Father’s Name: Mohiuddin Ahmed

Mother’s Name: Helen Ahmed

Meaning of Name: Navid is an Iranian/Persian word which means “good news” or “someone who bears the good news”

Motto of Life: Servant of the Almighty Creator through Serving the Humanity

Profession: Researcher (IT-Embedded and Software Engineering, Bioengineering, Robotics), Teacher, Mentor

Alma Mater: Independent University Bangladesh (IUB)

Age:  29 years

Date of Birth:  25 November

Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius

Birth Place: Khulna, Bangladesh

Relationship Status: Unmarried

My inspiration: Annie

My Admirations

Favorite Color: Blue, Black, White

Favorite Music: Tagore Music

Favorite Movie: A Beautiful Mind

Favorite Destinations:  Frankfurt, Paris, Oslo, London, Venice, Bangkok, Laos, Melbourne

Favorite Book: Notebook (Nicholas Spark)

Favorite Personalities:   Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), My parents

Favorite Moments: Sunset at the sea beach, When it rains, Long journey with music, Sitting at the balcony at midnight with a cup of coffee, When any of my deeds or actions make someone happy, When my parents are genuinely happy at me!   

Favorite Hobbies:  TravelingExploring something new, Reading, Programming languages, DIY Scientific Projects

Favorite Pastime:   Playing violin, Listening to favorite music

A message to the World:  4 universal characteristics that define the significance of your existence on earth:

1. Always rely upon the Almighty Creator in all your affairs

2. Respect your parents with love and care

3. Treat each and every human beings and creatures with affection unconditionally

4. Value yourself

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Family Tree

Arman Ali Miaji (1750) –>
Meher Ali Miaji –>
Dulal Miaji –>
Tamij Uddin Munshi –>
Ali Miah Talukdar –>
Rafiuddin Ahmed Talukdar –>
Mohiuddin Ahmed –>
Sair Bin Ahmed/ Ushaed Bin Ahmed/ Navid Bin Ahmed–>
Al- Mahian Bin Ahmed Aritro, Al- Azoad Bin Ahmed Adrito, Nuraj Bin Ahmed Nihan (2021)……

My Inspirations to Grow

You have a good and promising profile for a young researcher. Mr Navid, My congratulations.

Dr. Fabian Vargas

Professor, Catholic University – PUCRS,

Brazil (July 25, 2020)

I am happy for you, that you have accomplished the project successfully

Mahbubul Hoq

Former Chairman, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

(April 20, 2017)

Navid, I like you, because you are enthusiastic.

Dr Siddik e Rabbani

Honorary Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Dhaka University

(March 31, 2020)

You're very promising. You would do great in future

Mahbubul Hoq

Former Chairman, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

(May 2017)


Navid Won Best Presenter Award at 2021 IEEE IEMTRONICS Conference in Canada

While the diverse effects of Covid19 soaring, the contribution of the scientists and researchers across the globe has got significant importance to help battle the pandemic by mitigating the spread of the virus and reducing the cases. Navid Bin Ahmed from IUB in collaboration with the department of Computer Science and Engineering of North South University (NSU) has worked to develop device that is expected to help detect the symptom of the virus among the people remotely. A research paper on the performance analysis of the Covid19 symptom detector, which is extracted from the project, has been accepted for presentation

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