Navid Bin Ahmed

Academic Research and Publications Consultancy

Navid introduced academic research and publication consultancy services among the countrywide universities named Sapphire Academic Research and Publication Consultancy in October 2016 with a view to providing guidelines to young researchers to conduct academic research and publish their paperwork in conference proceedings and peer-reviewed journals on various fields of science, engineering and technology as their degree requirement. (formerly known as Sapphire Lab that used to conduct research, coding, and develop prototypes until 2019).

Later, students from different universities and institutions felt encouraged to conduct their research and make publication taking one-to-one consultation from it and also availed the opportunity of doing innovative projects as their degree requirements (in collaboration with and taking consultation from Sapphire). Moreover, they facilitated the opportunity to carry out open and independent research activities and publish their prospective work in different domestic and international conferences and journals, for degree purpose, taking guidelines from “Sapphire”.


Services Offering

Get my professional hand in one or more of the followings and boost the credibility of your research:

1.Suitable Research Topic Selection

2. Literature Review and Research

3. Innovative Prototyping and Hardware Interfacing

4. Firmware and Writing Codes

5. Writing Paper and Formatting

6. Professional Review, Editing and Correction

7. Paper Submission Coordination

8. Compose Interactive Slides and Presentation

9. Visit Abroad, Attend the Conference and Present the paper

Research Areas:

Embedded Systems, IoT, Robotics,  Sensor Technologies, Telecommunications, Wireless Technologies, Applied Physics & Electronics


Think, Innovate, Build!

My Research Profiles

Current Collaborations

Dept of EEE, IUB

Has been collaborating with the ACDRG research group lead by Prof Shahriar khan by providing consultancy to the current undergraduate and graduate project and thesis researchers to write and publish quality research articles in international conference proceedings and journals. I was a member of this research group during my Bachelor’s and Master’s.

Dept of CSE, NSU

My involvement mostly includes providing appropriate guidelines and assisting the graduating thesis students at the department of CSE to carry out the projects and write quality research articles for the publication in international conference proceedings and journals.

Dhaka University 

Collaborated with the research team at the Department of Biomedical Physics and Technology (BMPT) that undertakes research and develops products in the fields of Biomedical Physics, Engineering and Technology. I developed an embedded and IoT prototype to help detect Pneumonia remotely. As a team, we developed a PEMF body and muscle pain healing device at RSTI, which is a spin-off program that indigenously develops and delivers biomedical products obtained from the research. The BMPT research and development team aims at delivering the benefits of modern healthcare technology to the common people in the Third World Countries like Bangladesh.