Navid Bin Ahmed

Soft Skills

1.Time management                     

2. Achievement focused

3. Multi-tasking ability

4. Emotional intelligence

5. Positive strong leadership

6. Skilled in presentation

7. Reporting                                   

8. Problem-solving ability

9. Cost analysis                              

10. Team-player

11. Operations monitoring

12. Statistical analysis

13. Resource management            

14. Decision-making ability

15. Attention to detail                  

16. Effective networking ability    

17. Application of core knowledge

18. Adaptability                               

19. Able to mobilize resources      

20. Active and fast learner

22. Systems evaluation                  

23. Cross-functional role-player

24. Relationship management with excellent conflict handling ability

25. Able to work under pressure and meet the deadlines successfully

26. Effective international communication skills in English, French, Hindi, and Bengali as native

Expertise & Specialization


-Research and Development

-Research and Publication



-Embedded Systems & IoT Engineering

-Software Engineering

-Software Quality Assurance Engineering

-Biomedical Engineering


-Research Methodology

-Class III-XII (NCTB curricula: PSC, JSC, SSC, HSC)

-Class III-XII (Edexcel, Cambridge curricula: O & A Level)


Data Science (Python):

– Machine Learning

– Artificial Intelligence

– Deep Learning

Programming & IT Skills

Programming: Python, JavaScript (React), JavaScript (Node),  JavaScript (Vue), JavaScript (Angular), CSS3, HTML5, C,  C++, Java;
Framework: PyCharm, CCS Compiler, CodeBlocks, Arduino IDE, Eclipse, Visual Studio;

Professional & Simulation Software: Microsoft Office (Word), Microsoft Office (Excel), Microsoft Office (Powerpoint), Proteus Professional (Circuit & PCB design), PSIM

DevOps: Git, GitHub, Azure, Heroku

Language Proficiencies

English– Proficient

French– Working Knowledge

Hindi– Working Knowledge

Bengali– Native

Technical Skills

Project Management Processes

Technical writing

Microcontrollers (PLC)

Sensors and instrumentation

Programming languages

Scientific research







Analytical ability

Critical thinking ability

Electronics and wireless communication

Computer science

IT network and security

Information technology & information systems


Production handling