Navid Bin Ahmed

Navid’s research paper in collaboration with IUB and NSU accepted in 2021 IEEE international IEMTRONICS conference in Canada

While the diverse effects of Covid19 surge, the contribution of the scientists and researchers across the globe has got significant importance to help battle the pandemic by mitigating the spread of the virus and reducing the cases. Navid Bin Ahmed in collaboration with the department of Computer Science and Engineering of North South University (NSU) has been working to develop device that is expected to help detect the symptom of the virus among the people. A research paper on the performance analysis of the cost-efficient Covid19 symptom detector, which is extracted from the project, has been accepted for presentation in the 2021 IEEE International Conference on IoT, Electronics and Mechatronics (IEMTRONICS). The conference is scheduled to be held in Toronto, Canada in late April of this year. This is Navid’s 10th research publication.

Other than Navid, co-authors of the paper are Prof Dr Shahriar Khan from IUB, Prof Dr Shazzad Hosain and Nuzhat Arifa Haque from NSU. Ms Haque is a final year thesis researcher at the department of Computer Science and Engineering of North South University.

The conference will be adorned with the presence and invited talks of the prominent professors and research scientists from Stanford University, Yale University and some other renowned institutions as well as research organizations from Canada and USA. However, Nuzhat Arifa Haque has just started off her journey as a researcher.

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